• Brokers

    Do you want to buy or sell something; Meet our intermediaries to link you up with the right persons.

    Technical Assistance

    Do you need some assistance, Meet our experts accompany you accomplish it.

  • Strategy

    Are you lost or confused on your mission, Meet our consultants to suggest top notched solutions.


    Do you need some empowerment, Meet our coaches, trainers, speakers and teachers to do the job.


We are a Strategic Consultancy firm. We offer four efficient and effective consultancy services - Commercial Brokery, Strategy, Technical Assistance and Capacitation.


We work online and offline. As Brokers we travel, we verify; we give you the contacts & negotiate for you. As Strategists, we tell you what to do during consultations and business meetings with you. We give you Technical Assistance by working with you and/or doing it for you. We do Capacitation through events, team building, guidance, coaching, motivational talks, training and Corporate Social Activities .